What is your process for permanent and executive recruitment?

Our process for permanent recruitment for all marketing, digital, creative and advertising jobs has been artfully crafted to allow us to find the best possible candidate for the role in terms of qualification, ability, aptitude, and cultural fit. Beyond this, it has been designed with open-communication and transparency at its core, so that you’re always kept in the loop and never have to wonder what process your recruitment agency is following.

1. Information Gathering & Client Briefing

  • We meet with you as well as any other key stakeholders in your organization to ensure that we understand both the role and the company culture.
  • We develop position specifications and core competency criteria to help us benchmark candidates.
  • A detailed search strategy and project timeline is created.

2. Candidate Identification & Sourcing

  • Internal reviews of your specifications, the search strategy, and the project timeline are conducted.
  • Potential candidates are contacted and a short-list is developed.
  • Pre-screen interviews are held with the short-listed candidates.
  • If you have any internal candidates for us to consider, we will review and pre-screen them on your behalf.
  • We narrow down our shortlist and begin our own pre-screens and interviews with qualified candidates.

3. Candidate Pre-Screening & Evaluation

  • We invite candidates who have passed their pre-screen interviews to come to our office for in-depth interviews.
  • We carefully select the most qualified candidates, typically no more than three to start with, and present you with a written presentation of each.

4. Interviews

  • You select who you want to interview and we set up the meetings.

5. Client Feedback

  • To keep things moving along and respecting that all parties appreciate updates in a timely manner our goal is to get feedback from our clients within 24 hours of the interview so that we can let candidates know where they stand in the process.

6. Selection and Offer

  • You tell us who your pick is, and we complete the reference and background checks.
  • We work together to develop, present and negotiate the offer.
  • The placed candidate is coached through the resignation process from their existing employer, if necessary.

6. Follow-Up

  • We initiate regular follow-up discussions both with you and the placed candidate to ensure everything is going smoothly.

What is your process for temporary recruitment?

When it comes to recruiting temporary talent, we know that most often, time is of the essence. Our simple approach ensures that we find the best freelancer or contractor for the role in the quickest and most painless manner, relative to other recruitment companies in Toronto.

1. Client briefing takes place with a Boost Agents account manager to discuss the project and skills requirement.

2. Candidate presentations are made to client as soon as possible.

3. Interviews are scheduled upon client request.

4. Candidates are on-boarded and booked to begin engagement.

What happens if I hire a permanent employee and I’m not happy with them?

If you are unhappy with the candidate you hire, we offer a 90-day one-time replacement guarantee. Invoices are due and payable within 30 days, or this guarantee becomes invalid. If Boost Agents is unable to provide you with a replacement, a 100% credit note will be issued that may be applied to future placements for a period of one year from the start date of the original hire.

What happens if I hire a temporary candidate and I’m not happy with them?

We have a 4-hour guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the candidate we have put forward to you, you will not be charged for those hours. We will work with you to promptly send you a replacement.

I’ve been working with a freelancer through Boost Agents for a while now, and I’d like to see about offering them a full time position. How does this work?

We would work with you to determine a buy-out fee. Please contact us at 416.900.6011 and speak to one of our representatives about this.

What are your fees?

We charge a standard mark-up for all freelance positions. For permanent roles, we charge a percentage of the candidate’s starting base salary. That’s it. We don’t tie our fees to bonuses or other intangibles. Contact us at 416.900.6011 to be connected with somebody live at our offices and learn more.


I’m not interested in any of the job listings in your job board, but I’d still like to submit an application. What should I do?

We always have a General Application open for those people who don’t see job opportunities currently published that they’re a fit for on our website, and encourage you to apply. This will add you to our database so that your resume can be found by one of our team members for a future role that’s more suited to your background. We have new advertising and marketing jobs popping up on our job board all the time!

What happens after I submit my application to a position on your site?

Once you’ve submitted your application, it will be carefully reviewed by one of our Engagement Managers. It also automatically gets stored in our database, so our Engagement Managers will be able to search for you by keywords such as your name, skills, location, and company while they are looking to fill these job postings.

If we think you might be a good fit for a current or future role, we’ll contact you for an initial pre-screen by phone, and potentially, an in-person interview at our office. While we’d love to get in touch with everyone who applies, please note that all candidates are reviewed internally and only the most suitable are contacted for an interview. If you think your skills are appropriate for the position, please take the time to let us know why in your application to us.

When can I expect to hear back from someone?

As much as we wish we could offer individual feedback to each applicant, unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time in the day. While we can’t guarantee that we will get back to you, we assure you that your application will be reviewed (by a Boost Agents representative) and stored in our searchable database for when we come across job listings that fit your application.

If you don’t happen to be a fit for any of our current creative or marketing jobs, our Engagement Managers will be able to search for you by keywords such as your name, skills, location, and company. If there is ever an opportunity that we think might be a good match for you in the future, we’ll be sure to be in touch. In the meantime, we encourage you to check our job board frequently, as we have new advertising, creative and marketing job listings being posted weekly!

We do not accept drop-ins for job opportunities in Toronto. We encourage you to submit a general application or apply directly to a role.