The Booster Program

It’s our unique vehicle for building community, allowing us to be innovative in how we foster relationships and connect talent to employers.

We headhunt talent from organizations to help yours flourish. However, we believe that we also give back to the industry that we work in. This helps our industry flourish, a core value that we hold at Boost.

The Booster Program allows us to build relationships in the most intimate way with prospective as well as current candidates and clients. This program is the reason we’re known for quality. It’s how we’re able to get to know our clients and candidates beyond the boardroom, and it’s the biggest reason we’re able to maintain our 98% retention rate.

Why This Matters:

  • Educated Recruiters Are Successful Recruiters. Demonstrating a keen desire to keep up with industry trends by our involvement in these initiatives.
  • People Want to Work With Us: The loyalty and brand awareness this program creates is outstanding, positioning Boost Agents as a thought leader in the space versus just a recruitment agency.
  • We Care About the Fostering & Growth of Talent: This program alone has offered mentorship opportunities to over 600 candidates to date.
  • Results in Placements. And Really Good Ones, at That. We’ve placed over 300 candidates as a result of this program.
  • We’re Recognized for Our Innovative Recruitment Methods by Mainstream Media. Featured in the Globe & Mail and Marketing Magazine and Marketing Magazine (again) for our innovative recruitment methods.

Here’s How We’re Doing It:

Cocktails with Executives - Intimate Discussions on Marketing Trends

Discussions with CMO’s, VP’s, CEO’s and Sr. Directors of agencies and brands over drinks on what’s next in the space of digital media and technology / innovation.

Next Gen Dinner Series - providing opportunities for young, rising stars

A regular dinner event series hosted by Boost Agents and Ad Lounge that encourages young talent to stand out to hiring managers. They’re put through a series of interviews, a training program and then invited to dine with executives from all walks of life. Many hires are made at this exciting initiative as a result of the introductions and our great efforts in helping to prepare the next generation of talent for exciting challenges ahead.

Ambassador Program - Speed Dating with a CMO Over Coffee

Likened to a speed-dating event, marketing executives are seated at roundtables with future digital directors waiting to share a coffee with them. They rotate the room while the participants are eager for the opportunity to contribute to open discussions with digital industry leaders (In partnership with Dx3 Canada).

DishCourse Executive Dinner Series

Executives from the marketing, communications and creative industry are brought together for a kitchen table conversation that strips away the professionalism and tight-collared nature you’re used to seeing at industry events, and puts brilliant minds around a table for unexpected results. We discuss a topic such as “The Internet of Things”  or “Your Data as Currency” and see what our guest have to say.