Workplace Style with Teri Yeung


Teri Yeung is a vibrant character with a passion for travel and trying new experiences. Her creativity extends beyond her work to her every day life, especially her wardrobe. She is the Senior Creative and Account Director at Cosmic Design and also lends a hand with Next Gen Dinner Series as the Creative Director of Print & Brand.


Describe Your Day-To-Day Style

It often depends what I’m going to do after work. My clothes are versatile. I like to buy a lot of classic pieces and wear neutral colours and play with contrast. I’ll wear a monochrome outfit and then make it more interesting with different textures like wearing a chunky knit with leather or a silk black top with a fur. I’ll also balance wearing something intricate like a necklace by keeping everything else really simple – I won’t wear earrings or curl my hair.


Style Inspiration

Mostly social media – People are creating so much good content these days and I follow tastemakers like Monica Rose. I also get inspired going out to brunch in the morning because girls in Toronto are so stylish. Within the industry, I find designers in general are stylish as well because it’s our job to have a refined eye, and to know what looks good, like proportions, colours and textures.


Favourite Trends Right Now

I don’t believe in going super trendy. My approach to fashion is the same as my approach to design in the sense that, the problem dictates the solution. The brief is where you’re going to find the solution. So in the context of fashion, the project parameters are things like my body type, what I’m going to do that day, who I’m meeting up with, etc.

Teri Yeung jewellery watch

What Influences Your Personal Style

When I travel, I don’t like to shop much, but I’ll usually pick a piece of jewelry that reminds me of the place, the moment, and the things I’ve learned. I have my own jewelry line called brand Virtue & Armor, because you arm yourself with all the things you aspire to be.

Your Stylish Go-To

I go to ZARA and Mendocino mostly but I don’t have that much patience for shopping in stores. I mostly do my shopping online somewhere like Asos, Nasty Gal, or Missguided.

Teri Yeung Workplace Style

What She Wore

Dress: Mendocino

Shirt: Mendocino

Jeans: American Apparel

Shoes: ZARA

Watch: Chanel

Necklace: Vintage from Kensington Market

Rings: Various street vendors on Queen West and Kensington Market

Teri Yeung shoes & purse


Photography by Adam Harrison