Workplace Style with Alison Kaizer


This month’s Workplace Style features our very own Alison Kaizer – Engagement Manager and recruiter extraordinaire at Boost Agents. If you haven’t met Alison, she’s energetic, passionate about helping candidates, and constantly feeding us delicious homemade meals. A former model and New York City stylist, Alison shared with us how she incorporates her love of fashion into her day-to-day life at the office.


Describe your day-to-day style

Day to day, I like to mix casual with formal for work. I like to be casual and approachable but professional. An athletic pant or boy cut jeans can look great with a dressier top and nice boots, or vice versa (note my dress pants with little boys’ fire truck sweater). Like almost everyone in the industry, I tend to lean toward neutrals and have an innumerable number of black, grey and beige items that I rotate throughout winter, but in summer I mix them with up with more pops of color. I tend to lean toward a masculine/feminine mix – on cooler days, I keep my black pants or jeans feminine with pretty prints or colors. On warm days you can often find me in sneakers and hats with little floral dresses. And I love great fabrics – cashmere, jersey, pure cotton, wool, lace, and fur all play a part in my style.

This shoot is really a testament to all of that – I wore floral in three very different looks. The first look – a floral menswear pantsuit with a black turtleneck to add some androgyny. The second look paired a floral pump with a boys’ sweater and really showcased my long hair. The third look is a floral dress with a fairly gritty necklace.

What you wore

Turtleneck: Babaton

Suit: ark & co.

Pumps: Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal


Your style inspiration

I lived in New York for a long time and I continue to be inspired by the street style I developed there. I love timeless pieces in interesting cuts or fabrics and still wear many things I purchased as far back as high school, from my Abercrombie moose print baseball tee (with a high waisted skirt, for example) to my Vans Velcro sneakers (with a little black crew neck dress). I love the classics – white tees, black pants and boots, my leather jacket, great jeans, clean white sneakers. I also really love the look of being slightly undone. Ultimately, I am always inspired by a lot of my creative candidates and their attention to unfussy detail – whether it’s changing buttons on a vintage sweater, strategic rips in jeans, or interesting seams. I don’t mind a messy bun or chipped nail polish, and you can almost always see some of my tattoos, but the look is still put together. I think there is something very New York about that which has stuck with me.


What you wore

Sweater: vintage

Pants: Tristan

Shoes: Zara

Hat: Oldhat – “A brand that sells at the one-of-a-kind show; every hat is handmade”


Your favourite trends right now

I don’t really follow trends, but some of the things that I have seen that I love are things I have always loved. Single sole pumps, fringe or stud details on ankle boots, and dressy sneakers and menswear-style loafers are all very much up my alley. Fitted turtlenecks or Bardot necklines are both great. Dressy leggings with leather detail or in interesting patterns or thicker fabrics are the best – comfort and style in the same piece is the best. I love hats of all kinds – toques, fedoras, riding caps, floppy felt hats and baseball caps in interesting fabrics like denim and leather. I have essentially lived in sleeveless turtleneck tunics all winter this year. And I have had a borderline obsession with one pieces – both jumpsuits and rompers – since I could only find them in vintage stores around New York. The practicality and functionality are amazing – you can move around, go from day to night with a quick makeup change and you have an entire outfit in one piece.


What you wore

Dress: Forever 21

Cardigan: Kimchi Blue

Necklace: Grace Bijoux – “An amazing Toronto jewellery designer who does one-of-a-kind pieces.”

Earrings: Tiffany’s


Your stylish go-to

Black high waisted pants or jeans + a white or black tee or turtleneck + interesting shoes, hat, lip color or other little details (rips, seams, hemlines) that make it special = my everyday.

Alison sitting

Photography by Kayla Rocca