Hiring for Programmatic Sales with Jamie Thompson


Our team is never done learning, and programmatic media is something we’ve become very interested in. This month, we were more than happy to welcome our neighbours at Adapt Media into our office for a lunch ‘n’ learn to talk about the ins and outs of the industry.

Adapt Media is itself known for their OOH offerings, but they’ve more recently launched Chameleon – a separate business focused exclusively on the digital and programmatic space. That perspective makes them uniquely qualified to talk about the differentiators and challenges of the programmatic media space, and share some key insights about the industry.

Hiring for Programmatic Sales

When it comes to any type of sales role, the most important thing is for the salesperson to understand their selling audience. Selling programmatic services to an agency and to a small family-owned business are two very different things – the former is likely to have the contextual knowledge to understand a lot more of the technical jargon than the latter. While of course every person is different, being a good salesperson means reading your audience, and knowing how much information they really need.

In that sense, knowledge of programmatic trading isn’t always the most useful trait in a potential candidate. The ad operations and campaign management team obviously need that in-depth understanding, but when it comes to sales staff, less is sometimes more.

Differentiating Programmatic Offerings

Everyone wants to get into the programmatic space these days – it’s the hot new thing. The challenge is that your existing and potential client bases can get confused about what your offerings are. If the person I buy OOH from comes in suddenly selling programmatic ad trafficking services, I’m going to be confused about what their true area of expertise is.

As a small business, Adapt Media has traditionally had a lean and high-performing team. When it comes to diversifying their offerings, though, bringing in staff dedicated to selling programmatic services has allowed them to clarify their messaging.

Handling Privacy Concerns

Programmatic tech is moving so fast, and it’s moving faster than our cultural and societal norms can keep up. These days, ad tech can geo-target consumers with startling precision (down to 1 meter of accuracy), and marketers are using it to target potential customers based on factors like their local pollen count. And that’s scary for a lot of people. It can be challenging for businesses selling new programmatic technology offerings, because often the people they’re pitching to end up worrying about their own privacy concerns.

The other side of that coin is that more advanced targeting means that consumers receive advertising that is increasingly relevant to their needs and interests. If you’re interested in seeing how you’re being targeted,we recommend checking out bluekai.com/registry/.

We learn something new about programmatic media every day, both as consumers and as recruiters. It’s important for us to ensure that we’re learning from people immersed in the industry , so we’re pretty lucky some of the industry experts are right next door. Want to know more? Find out the top 4 things to know about the programmatic space.

Written by Julie-Anne Mendoza.