The Dx3 Ambassador Program: Shaping Canada’s Digital Conversation



How do we keep up with the ever-shifting trends in the digital marketing industry? By investing in the people who work there!

Dx3 and Boost Agents are committed to getting the conversation about Digital Marketing started and keeping it going for a long time to come. To meet this goal, we have been working hard to create the Dx3 Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program will bring together over 100 of the industry’s future leaders to enhance their digital thinking, be inspired by a team of industry gurus and have some fun along the way.

We have formed the program on three founding principles:

1.    Feedback: Garner feedback from these future digital leaders on where the industry is going.

2.    Mentorship: Create a conversation with industry Gurus about future trends, fostering new connections that create mentorship opportunities.

3.    Community: Create a robust and supportive community that meets throughout the year (with the first kicking off at Dx3) to support a culture of innovation and intellectual conversations about digital entrepreneurship and leadership.

All Ambassadors will receive VIP access to Dx3, Canada’s largest conference and trade show focused on digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retailing. The Conference will be happening this week, March 5 – 6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and will feature over 40 practical workshops and over 100 exhibitors including Boost Agents.


At Dx3, the Ambassadors will participate in the ‘Coffee With a Guru’ Session. We’ve selected a cross section of top executives who we think are currently shaping Canada’s digital conversation to act as Gurus. More gurus are confirming on a daily basis but so far the list is pretty impressive.

Each round will begin with a set of questions to get the conversation started.  Because the Ambassadors all have different experiences, a seating arrangement has been created to ensure that each table is as diverse as possible. It will be a chance for the account service side to mingle with the digital strategists and planners and we cannot wait to hear the results!

After the event at Dx3, we will be asking the participants in the program to give us insight on what they found interesting and what they are excited to share. Dx3 and Boost Agents also invites all Ambassadors to join us for ongoing networking events throughout the year to keep up with current trends and help shape the content for the future of Dx3.

Follow the conversation in the build up to Dx3 @boostagents and @dx3canada on twitter. Please let everyone know what your favourite part about The Ambassador Program is: #Dx32014 & #Dx3AP


Written by Tara Burt