Turn Your Training Sessions Into Team Building Events

Our team went through an extensive training session last week to keep ourselves updated with the latest features in our CRM system – Bullhorn. We expected it to be a lack-lustre day filled with dry content and PowerPoint, but that’s not the Boost way. Instead, it was fun, engaging, and we grew closer as a team because of it. How did we achieve this? Simple. We involved our entire team in the training process.


Each of us excels in different ways, so we were tasked with becoming experts in each training field. Instead of one person lecturing the entire day, we were more engaged because we taught each other. We discussed challenges we were having prior to the session so that we could use them as real-life examples and case studies. Phones were confiscated so that we could fully concentrate on the material. As a result, the training session was incredibly informative and we’ve implemented real change within our team.


We finished the day with a team-building activity led by our newest team member, Rebecca. She grouped us in pairs, each giving us a musical instrument. We were then each given a part to play/sing of Lion King’s “In the Jungle”. After we heard it a couple times, we worked together to put all the parts together. It was a lot of fun! At the end of the day, we were closer as a team, and had the tools and knowledge to work more efficiently.


Check out more pictures from our training day on our Facebook page.