Dear Job Seeker: A candidate’s journey to their dream job.

We love getting an outside-of-the-box candidate looking to find their dream job. Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect fit, but in the end it’s 100% worth it. We placed one of our candidates in her dream role and she had this advice to share with current job seekers:

Dear Job Seekers, 

I was you 3 short months ago.

I know how it feels like you are drowning.

How your confidence begins to fade.

How you start to interview for jobs you don’t even want.

To receive some sort of positive reinforcement. 

You question your character. 

You question your career path. 

You question what is really important to you. 

And I want to share my thoughts. 

To hopefully help that Job Seeker.

Once you find that important thing, stick with it. 

Find a recruitment company, tell them your needs.

I used Boost Agents Inc.  These people won’t judge you.

They are there to help you find the fit. Be honest with them.

Today, I am sitting as a Product Designer at Xello.

It was Boost Agents Inc. who opened this door for me. 

And today, I received a lovely note from them for my 3 month anniversary.

Which reminded me the power of networking and relationship building.

My deepest thanks.