• It was very easy to work with Boost Agents. They placed me in a position that I've been at for two years now and I couldn't be happier. They're proficient, determined, professional, friendly, and no B.S.

    Photo of Patrick Stolk-Ramaker Patrick Stolk-Ramaker Sr. Art Director, Havas Worldwide Toronto
  • Boost Agents are diligent, responsive and true partners in talent acquisition. It's been a pleasure to work so closely with them. At times, there are some tough roles to fill and Boost never gives up. They are 100% committed to finding the right fit for the candidate and the company.

    Photo of Bonnie Lagustan Bonnie Lagustan HR Business Partner, Pelmorex
  • They are an amazing group of people to work with. They take the time to get to know your organization, the culture, and the needs of the business in order to provide the most suited and well rounded candidates.

    Photo of Lindsay Batstone Lindsay Batstone Senior Manager, Former HR, Acxsys Corporation (Interac)
  • Boost is incredibly attentive, thorough, and detailed.

    Photo of Robin Whalen Robin Whalen Managing Partner, Real Interactive
  • There are some very good recruitment firms in the city but I think Boost Agents’ DNA is very different. They sincerely care about people. They're tenacious, empathetic and proactive.

    Photo of Aziz Memon Aziz Memon President, Bob's Your Uncle
  • My conversation with Boost was straight to the point and I was informed about each step in the process. Such a business-oriented approach coupled with a relaxed creative atmosphere is what the doctor ordered.

    Dasha B.L Editor
  • They took the time to understand what I am looking for and brought a refreshingly human and light-hearted approach to the whole process. I got the feeling right away that Boost Agents does things differently. The best analogy I can think of is a sports agent to athlete relationship. It's much appreciated.

    Logan Designer
  • My experience has been that Boost Agents knows where the next great job will come up before the hiring manager even starts looking to fill that role.

    Photo of Alex Rascanu Alex Rascanu Director of Online New Business Development, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
  • Probably one of the best recruiters I have worked with in my career in Toronto. Always putting the extra effort to touch base and to “make sure things are OK” are rare qualities in the recruiting business. Top notch service provider (on both sides of the fence: as a recruiter for my current place of employment, and as a recruiter who has placed me). Excellent!

    Martin Manager, Change Integration
  • In an industry where titles, roles and responsibilities change on a monthly basis, these guys will prove to you that they not only understand the landscape but actively involve themselves in it. Their empathy for digital roles stems from real world experience rather than text based matches to your LinkedIn profile and they’ve proven it to me time and time again. They took the time to understand my full background and what I wanted to do and turned that into a long term path for growth.

    Photo of Jonathan Litwack Jonathan Litwack Director, Analytics &Insights, NATIONAL PR
  • From Trina and the talented people at Boost, I know I can trust them to find the right kind of people. They’re never out to force a square into a circle.

    Photo of Jason Agar Jason Agar VP, Digital Production Colour